Danubia IP

DANUBIA IP Innovation Consulting Ltd. essentially provides our innovative partners, primarily medium-sized and large enterprises, start-ups, academic- and university research centres, with practical support as they pursue a successful innovation process and effective management of their intellectual property. In bringing our many years of experience to bear and transferring international best practices, our consultants save you both time and money. We perform IP management tasks which require specialist expertise and frequently serve as a one-stop shop in resolving the most complex innovation and industrial rights cases, and in handling comprehensive projects where we leverage the expertise of staff within the entire Danubia group.

DANUBIA IP is uniquely qualified in Hungary to advise on the strategic use of intellectual property rights and related risk management, and to manage tenders incorporating industrial property rights. We strive to ensure Hungarian enterprises better exploit the latent potential in their knowledge and constantly work to find the most appropriate solution to your needs, no matter the nature of the problem with which you turn to us. We firmly believe that industrial property rights protection must serve business goals and objectives, never the other way around. Failure to align industrial property rights protection with business goals and objectives will similarly lead to a suboptimal solution. We know our way around the maze of industrial property rights protection; what we are most interested in is how and for what purpose intellectual property may be used.

For more than 15 years Danubia IP has been the only service provider in the Hungarian market to list intellectual property valuation as its core activity, with assignments typically revolving around transfer pricing, M&A acquisitions and venture capital investments.
We assist in developing and implementing IP Policies with the aim of minimising legal risks, and protecting, enhancing and utilising intellectual property.
In the event we are advising you as the purchasing party in a transaction, as a client from abroad we will help you navigate local legislation and the approach to negotiating, and guide you through the entire negotiation process to the successful closure of the transaction.
We advise on and help you navigate the specific issues which arise uniquely in relation to industrial rights protection and intellectual property management.
We assist you in writing and managing industrial property rights tenders and represent you in R&D certification procedures, where we are well acquainted with the criteria for certification and the practices of the examiners.