Other Legal Services

Copyright- and Software Disputes

We have extensive experience in the full range of enforcement procedures relating to intellectual property, particularly with regard to the infringement of copyright and neighbouring rights, design and other image elements, as well as in domain name and AdWords disputes.

Our enforcement services cover a broad range of anti-piracy activities, including initiating police- and private investigations, market surveillance procedures, and civil- and criminal law proceedings against the manufacturers, distributors and users of pirated goods.

In terms of intellectual property rights infringed on the internet, we commence notice and take down proceedings to ensure the immediate removal of infringing content, and provide effective representation in procedures requesting special interim relief and injunctions with respect to intellectual property rights, again always adopting a complex approach to identifying the most efficient solutions in any given case.  

Should you raise a claim for damages or other property restitution and compensation for the rights infringement you have suffered, we seek to enforce these through the appropriate civil- or criminal law proceedings.