Utilisation of Intellectual Property Rights

Developing and Implementing an Organisational IP Policy

Organisational IP Policies have become increasingly widespread in Hungary since they were introduced with Act CXXXIV of 2004 on Research and Development and Technological Innovation. Danubia IP has played a key role from the very outset, working together with some of the country’s most renowned research institutes and universities, when these were largely the only entities looking to develop such policies. Now, though, more and more companies are recognising the need to develop Organisational IP Policies and we have since started collaborating with numerous innovative Hungarian enterprises in drafting IP Policies, ensuring that their intellectual property management complies both with national legislation and international standards.

In more recent years we have had the opportunity to be involved in formulating local and international IP Policies for a number of multinational and global companies, which, as a Hungarian operation, we consider the highest recognition of our expertise in this field. Equipped with the substantial and valuable experience we have acquired in developing and implementing multi-level policies for organisations sometimes employing a staff totalling tens of thousands and operating in numerous countries, we can deliver proven solutions in the area of intellectual property management and related regulations.