Validating European Patents in Hungary

Although validating a European patent in Hungary would seem a relatively straightforward process, it is important to point out that the scope of protection granted is determined, provided that the patent description is in English, by the translated text of the patent claims. In the event that the description is in any language other than English, the English translation of the description and copies of the drawings will need to be provided and filed together with the Hungarian language claims. Our dedicated and highly experienced team of registered European- and Hungarian patent attorneys, uniquely qualified across all fields of science and technology, prepares the necessary translation of the patent claims to the most exacting standards and, should you wish or should subsequent litigation proceedings require, are available to prepare a full translation of the patent application in a smooth and timely manner.

Our team of highly qualified assistants, correspondents and other professionals ably supports the work of our patent attorneys in this respect and ensures all the requisite administrative tasks in connection with validating European patents in Hungary are carried out competently and dependably without you incurring any unnecessary expense.