Prosecuting Trademarks and Initiating International Applications in Hungary

As an international client you may wish to actively prosecute your trademark nationally, thereby taking advantage of the lower likelihood of your application being opposed and exposing your trademark to less vulnerability compared to the rights an EU trademark would afford. You can do this either by filing directly or filing through the Madrid Protocol. If you designate Hungary in an international application, local representation would only be mandatory should the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office (HIPO) issue a decision of provisional refusal.

Danubia has substantial experience and great skill to call on in overcoming objections raised by HIPO and representing your interests before the courts in overturning HIPO’s decisions.

With the increase in Contracting Parties to the Madrid Protocol, we can also identify an increase in the number of international trademark applications being filed. Given that with a single application you may obtain trademark protection in all the countries who are signatories to the Madrid Protocol without needing to engage representation in each separate country, there are distinct benefits to enjoy. These may, however, fall by the wayside should any national intellectual property office fail to observe the common regulations under the Madrid Protocol, in which case trademark representation would need to be entrusted to local service providers.

You may also file international design applications in accordance with the Hague Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Industrial Designs.