Strategic Consulting

During our first consultation we already look to assess the opportunities to obtain protection on the Hungarian and international markets, and to design the optimum protection strategy to suit your needs, paying particular attention to minimising the costs involved and ensuring the broadest possible protection within the given budget framework.

Given that when it comes to certain specialist fields, such as medical treatment methods and procedures or computer-implemented inventions, there are significant differences between particular countries’ patent systems and in the licensing practices of the different major patent offices in the USA, Europe and Japan, our strategic consulting also looks to factor in the unique characteristics of the field of invention.

Our strategic consulting, however, is not just limited to an initial consultation and advising on the required applications. In obtaining protection any number of situations may subsequently arise where further strategic decisions will need to be taken in order to achieve the desired aim as quickly as possible and with the least expense. By way of illustration, we may highlight our work advising on sharing applications, fast-tracking (and even stalling) procedures, and managing and avoiding escalation of disputes. A key aspect of our strategic consulting services for international clients would be advising you on developing appropriate and feasible structures for collaborating with and employing local Hungarian inventors and on questions which may arise with respect to their remuneration, as well as delivering targeted assistance throughout licensing negotiations.