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Danubia was established in 1949 by a group of eminent specialists, who through their work laid the strong foundations and ensured the sustainability of DANUBIA’s professional recognition and reputation for the coming generations, as well as the exacting standard of professional services we deliver. Prior to the first Hungarian patent law coming into effect in 1896 on the basis of the laws of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, the predecessors of these founding members of DANUBIA had practised the vocation of industrial rights protection through family traditions. With DANUBIA being established during the era of nationalisation, the founding patent attorneys simply transferred their private practices and clientele to DANUBIA.

The high standards of DANUBIA’s patenting work were maintained within the framework of state ownership, and the experience we have acquired has afforded us the opportunity to train successive generations of patent attorneys.

The current period in the firm’s history began at the end of 1989 when the DANUBIA team of intellectual property experts acquired the DANUBIA trademark and ensured the seamless continuity of service as we sought to uphold our valuable heritage within the structure of the newly-established limited company. DANUBIA can therefore look back on a long and uninterrupted history stretching back some 70 years, during which time we have preserved and strengthened the leading role we play in intellectual property protection on the domestic Hungarian market.

DANUBIA makes reference to the Latin name of the River Danube. Rising in the Black Forest in Germany and flowing some 2,850km to its delta in the Black Sea, since ancient times the river has proven a defining channel of communication, linking the peoples of Western and Central-Eastern Europe who live along its banks. Today the River Danube connects the peoples of 10 different countries.

The wavy line running through the letter D in our logo represents those idea flows which stream towards us and with our care, attention and understanding, balanced and protected, continue along their natural course.

The firm has been using the DANUBIA name for 70 years now and we are proud that in that time we have been able to create a stream where creations of the human mind may forge ahead, safeguarded against copy and theft, within the secure bounds afforded by intellectual property rights. Our partners are first-class navigators on this river and carry out their work with the highest level of competence in prosecuting and protecting your rights. 

The most important aspect of how we work is our creative attention to detail; we understand and appreciate what you need and what you want, and, using the experience and knowledge we have gained over generations in both domestic and international jurisdictions, we strive to find the best solutions.

DANUBIA is also structured in such a way as to ensure the efficiency of our working practices. Our patent attorneys are divided into two sections according to their technical qualifications and fields of expertise; one handles cases relating to patent protection for pharmaceuticals, chemicals and biotechnology, as well as for plant- and animal varieties, while the other section is tasked with mechanical, electrical and telecommunications, computing, IT and energy cases, and also handles cases relating to designs and utility models. 

Patent attorneys in each specialist area are organised into teams to ensure optimal performance of our tasks. We set great store by developing a relationship of mutual trust and confidence with all our clients and to this end we always appoint a patent attorney to head up each assignment we receive, while our organisational structure enables us to create bespoke working groups to handle specific tasks.

A team of highly qualified assistants, correspondents and other professionals ably supports the work of our patent attorneys and attorneys.

The requisite administrative management ensures all relevant official payments and obligations are settled accurately and in a timely manner. 

Patents and Utility Models

We advise on developing appropriate structures for collaborating with and employing local inventors, and on questions which may arise with respect to their remuneration
We maintain efficient and high-standard professional relations with the examiners and adminstrative staff of the patent office, from the application being filed to protection being granted, where we enjoy a high acceptance rate.
Our dedicated and highly experienced team of patent attorneys, uniquely qualified across all fields of science and technology, will prepare the necessary translation of the patent claims to the most exacting standards.
We play to one of our firm’s greatest strengths during court proceedings by creating a team of 2-4 specialists, incorporating the dedicated and talented legal practitioners of Danubia Legal.
Danubia subscribes to the major international databases, and our specialist patent attorneys all have extensive experience in conducting searches and preparing due diligence reports targeted to specified aims.

Trademarks and Designs

Our trademark experts are well versed in filing new EU trademarks and defending applications in light of any objections raised.
Prosecuting trademarks nationally takes advantage of the lower likelihood of applications being opposed and exposes trademarks to less vulnerability compared to the rights EU trademarks afford.
Status disputes, infringements, customs monitor-ing and enforcement through taxation authority, domain name disputes and other litigation proceedings constitute our key strength.
Our team of specialists conduct a wide range of trademark searches
We gladly undertake the renewal of trademarks, and recordation of different amendments and assignments for international clients.

DANUBIA Patent and Law Office LLC has been ranked number one in Hungary every year since 1997 for both our patent- and trademark services in the annual survey conducted by Managing Intellectual Property magazine, part of the British Euromoney group, which ranks service providers by country and jurisdiction. The magazine awarded DANUBIA “Firm of the Year” in 2009, 2012 and 2019 and has ranked us in the top-tier in the “World IP Survey” every year for both our patent prosecution and patent contentious work, and our trademark prosecution and trademark contentious work. 

We have won the annual ACQ Law Awards on many occasions between 2009-2019 and in most years between 2011-2019 “Patents Law Firm of the Year” as awarded by Lawyer Monthly magazine Legal Awards; we have also won “Patent Law Firm of the Year in Hungary” every year between 2013-2019 in Global Law Experts “Practice Awards”.

Corporate INTL and Acquisition International journals have awarded us “Patent Law Firm of the Year” on numerous occasions.

The highest domestic award in Intellectual Property Rights is the Ányos Jedlik Prize awarded by the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office. Among Danubia’s patent attorney partners who have received this accolade are Tivadar Palágyi (1998), Sándor Vida (2002), József Sipos (2007), András Antalffy-Zsíros (2008), Imre Molnár (2010), Mihály Lantos (2011), Ferenc Török (2013) and Árpád Pethő (2015).

Sándor Vida (2000), Éva Szigeti (2005) and Mihály Lantos (2010) have all been awarded the Prize for Hungarian Trademark Culture.

Mihály Lantos is also a recipient of the Grand Prize of the Hungarian Inventors’ Association (1999), a ministerial commendation and the Hungarian Heritage Award (2015) in recognition of his work.

Tivadar Palágyi has been awarded the Golden Cross of Merit of the Republic of Hungary. He is an honorary member of AIPPI (International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property).

Sándor Vida is a recipient of the AIPPI Award of Merit and the MTESZ (Association of Technical- and Natural Sciences Societies) Commemorative Medal in recognition of his outstanding work and achievements.

Patent Attorneys

Trademark Lawyers and Attorneys