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István Taczman MSc.
Deputy Chief Financial Officer
Chief Accountant
Chartered Economist

István Taczman plays a key role in handling and organising the financial, bookkeeping, accounting and taxation functions of the Danubia Group, as well as ensuring statutory reporting and tax filing obligations are all met in a proper and timely manner. He also provides the requisite analyses and data to support financial planning and the effective operation of the internal performance measurement systems within Danubia and the Danubia Group.

István has been working for Danubia since 2001, initially as an accounting assistant and later as an accountant in the Finance Department. He became Chief Accountant of Danubia in 2008.

István graduated in accountancy from the Business School of Budapest University of Economic Sciences, now Corvinus University, in 2001 and has been registered as an accounting services provider since then. In 2005 he completed a 2-year law degree for economists organised by Eötvös Lorand University Faculty of Law and in 2017 he qualified as an IFRS certified chartered accountant.

Language Skills:
English and German

Professional Memberships
» Registered Chartered Accountant (general and IFRS)
» ACCA Member
Principal Areas of Expertise
» Finance, accounting, taxation and financial controlling