The DANUBIA group has 75 years of expertise in the field of intellectual property rights protection.

Our highly experienced patent attorneys are uniquely qualified across all fields of science and technology. Our talented team of attorneys specialise in particular in trademark cases and rights enforcement.
Our intellectual property management and technology transfer staff bring their impressive professional skill set to bear in serving both our Hungarian and international clients.

The Danubia Group


Delivering comprehensive services and representation within the scope of industrial rights protection, including patents, trademarks, utility models and designs, as well as rights enforcement.


Delivering consulting services and solutions which demand specific skills and expertise in the commercial exploitation of intellectual property.


Delivering legal services in trademark-, patent-, copyright- and electronic communications law, as well as other fields of litigation.
What We Do
We advise on developing appropriate structures for collaborating with and employing local inventors, and on questions which may arise with respect to their remuneration
We maintain efficient and high-standard professional relations with the examiners and adminstrative staff of the patent office, from the application being filed to protection being granted, where we enjoy a high acceptance rate.
Our dedicated and highly experienced team of patent attorneys, uniquely qualified across all fields of science and technology, will prepare the necessary translation of the patent claims to the most exacting standards.
We play to one of our firm’s greatest strengths during court proceedings by creating a team of 2-4 specialists, incorporating the dedicated and talented legal practitioners of Danubia Legal.
Danubia subscribes to the major international databases, and our specialist patent attorneys all have extensive experience in conducting searches and preparing due diligence reports targeted to specified aims.
Our trademark experts are well versed in filing new EU trademarks and defending applications in light of any objections raised.
Prosecuting trademarks nationally takes advantage of the lower likelihood of applications being opposed and exposes trademarks to less vulnerability compared to the rights EU trademarks afford.
Status disputes, infringements, customs monitor-ing and enforcement through taxation authority, domain name disputes and other litigation proceedings constitute our key strength.
Our team of specialists conduct a wide range of trademark searches
We gladly undertake the renewal of trademarks, and recordation of different amendments and assignments for international clients.
We provide legal representation in intellectual property rights infringement and litigation in unfair market conduct cases.
You may turn to us in confidence throughout the entire life cycle of your pharmaceutical- and related products, whether you are looking to patent or distribute, or require advice on advertising law matters.
Whether you are looking to register or maintain a domain name or seeking advice on domain name disputes, we provide a full range of services.
We prepare industrial property rights contracts and advise on negotiations on all aspects of industrial property rights protection.
We assist in enforcement procedures relating to the infringement of copyright and neighbouring rights, ima-ge elements, as well as in AdWords disputes.
For more than 15 years Danubia IP has been the only service provider in the Hungarian market to list intellectual property valuation as its core activity, with assignments typically revolving around transfer pricing, M&A acquisitions and venture capital investments.
We assist in developing and implementing IP Policies with the aim of minimising legal risks, and protecting, enhancing and utilising intellectual property.
In the event we are advising you as the purchasing party in a transaction, as a client from abroad we will help you navigate local legislation and the approach to negotiating, and guide you through the entire negotiation process to the successful closure of the transaction.
We advise on and help you navigate the specific issues which arise uniquely in relation to industrial rights protection and intellectual property management.
We assist you in writing and managing industrial property rights tenders and represent you in R&D certification procedures, where we are well acquainted with the criteria for certification and the practices of the examiners.




The plaintiff is the owner of a trademark registered in classes 16 and 35 used for printed materials and advertising, respectively. The defendants used an almost identical mark for periodicals relating to cars and motorcycles. The defendants also published an online magazine website, the domain name of which was almost identical with the plaintiff’s trademark. The claimant sued the defendants for infringement.


Danubia Wins First Place of the Companies For The Future Award 2024

We would like to inform you that both DANUBIA and the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office  will be closed on 19-20 August 2024 due to the Hungarian national holiday.
However, there will be a substitute working day on 3 August 2024 (Saturday).
All official deadlines falling on the days when the HIPO is closed, can be met on the following first working day. In addition, please be particularly aware that any deadline which falls on 3 August 2024 will be met on the same day, i.e. 3 August 2024.
If there are any matters that require urgent attention during the Hungarian national holiday period, please forward your instructions to us as soon as possible.