Active substance against Mycoplasma anserisalpingitidis infection in geese and ducks

Representative No: P2100357
Type of IP: Patent
Industry: Pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, Biotechnology

Mycoplasma anserisalpingitidis is a pathogen lurking in geese which poses a threat primarily to the health of geese and, less commonly, ducks. Inflammation and atrophy develop in the cloaca and genitals of infected animals, the number of fertile eggs decreases, eggshell formation is impaired, and embryo mortality increases. Stress, which is an inevitable part of animal husbandry, especially large-scale but also barnyard animal husbandry, greatly increases the susceptibility of animals to both infection and the development of severe symptoms. In addition to congestion, inadequate housing conditions and the behavioral changes (mocking) associated with the mating season are also sources of stress in the life of our geese. M. anserisalpingitidis is likely to be ubiquitous in all of the major goose-breeding areas of the world: it has also been detected in Hungary, China, France and Vietnam. Until now, there has not been a sufficiently reliable method available against infection: despite proper housing and handling conditions, it can appear in any yard. Our solution is a vaccine to prevent the development of infection and / or symptomatic disease. Immunization of animals is easy and effective because the vaccine can be delivered into the cloaca or even sprayed onto the deep litter. The production of the active substance and formulation of the vaccine does not require special technology.