Additive for carbon nanotubes and polymer composites and carbon nanotubes and polymer composites

Representative No: P1200742
Type of IP: Patent
Industry: Construction and Heavy Industry, Machinery, Robotics, Building Engineering
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The present invention relates to an additive for carbon nanotube and plastic composites comprising a functionalized maleic acid anhydride-olefin copolymer, wherein the maleic acid anhydride monomer units are partially or completely converted to dicarboxylic acid ester amide and / or dicarboxylic acid half ester and / or dicarboxylic acid imide monomer units, wherein the number of maleic acid anhydride monomer units of formula (I) is from 1 to 1 to 8. The invented composite can be used, for example, for the production of heavy-duty plastics, aircraft and vehicle body components, structural materials replacing high-strength metal parts, building cladding and components, insulation materials, electrical and thermal coatings, sealants, furniture components, high-strength nets and ropes.