Angling aid

Representative No: WO/2018/193275
Type of IP: Utility model
Industry: Consumer goods industry, ICT and electronics

The invention relates to an angling aid for line-fishing, preferably for catching catfish, comprising a housing (1), an electronic sound generating unit (4) arranged in the housing ensuring protection against at least splashing water, a control and display unit (5) electrically connected to the sound generating unit (4), a power supply (6) for supplying current consumers of the sound generating unit and the control and display unit, and a loudspeaker (2) connected to an output of the sound generating unit. According to most theories the sound of the clonk attracts the catfish and improves the angling results while for the other fish species, the clonking method is not relevant. The device is using the sound of clonking with a possibility to customize the acoustic parameters of the sound such as frequency, pitch, number of repetitions. It can be used any time of the day and in all weather conditions leaving both hands of the fisherman available to use.