Apparatus and method for producing a paver block having veined tread surface

Representative No: WO/2018/162936
Type of IP: Patent
Industry: Construction and heavy industry

This invention relates to an apparatus and method for producing paver blocks (K) having ornamented, especially veined tread surface. The apparatus comprising a starting table (51); a filling carriage (5) movable back and forth in a first direction (F1) above a moulding template (6); and an open chamber (5a) for receiving a base material is provided in the interior space of the carriage (5); a metering trough (1, 2, 3) is connected to a dispensing device (41), and a batch box (4) is arranged movably over the starting table (51). The apparatus is provided with a second starting table (8) movable in a second direction (F2) above the moulding template (6), and a second filling carriage (7) is arranged movably along a guide rail (32) over the moulding template (6) in the second direction (F2), and a second batch box (9) is provided above the second filling carriage (7). The object of the present invention is to allow concrete paving elements obtained by random surface pattern resembling natural marble to be produced by the same production cycle times as production of paving elements having no any surface pattern, and which can be used to create spontaneous, natural-looking surface patterns.