Apparatus and method for producing paver block having mottled tread surface

Representative No: WO/2015/128683
Type of IP: Patent
Industry: Construction and heavy industry

The subject invention relates to a method and apparatus for producing paving blocks (K) having ornamented surface, and the apparatus consists of a starting table (1), and a filling carriage (2) movable along a guide rail (3) towards and above a forming mould (4) comprising at least one mould cavity (4a) and connected to the starting table (1) is arranged; and in an interior space of the filling carriage (2) a first chamber for receiving base material (6a) and at least one second chamber (6b) for receiving ornamenting material are formed and separated by a septum (v), and a feeding device (7) for dispensing a mixture of ornamenting material is arranged in said second chamber (6b), characterized in that the feeding device (7) is formed by a metering plate (9) provided with holes (9a) and a metering member (10) fitted to and movable along the metering plate (9), and further provided by an actuator for moving the metering member (10).