Apparatus for assessing hand disinfection quality

Representative No: U1700117
Type of IP: Utility model
Industry: Healthcare, medical and other equipments, ICT, Consumer goods industry

The invention is an apparatus for checking the quality of hand disinfection, comprising: a housing (12); a hand inspection cavity (80) formed on the front side of the housing to receive the user’s hand; light sources arranged to emit ultraviolet (UV), visible light or infrared (IR) radiation into the interior of said test cavity; at least one digital camera arranged in the hand examination cavity and adapted to record images in the UV, visible light or IR spectrum; a container for storing hand sanitizing medium; a dosing unit for dispensing a measured amount of disinfectant medium; an input device (40) for locally controlling the operation of the apparatus; a display (50), a processor unit; and an internal storage unit. The exemplary device is characterized in that the device further comprises a proximity sensor that detects the presence of a user’s hand in the hand cavity (80), and the disinfectant medium comprises a UV or IR absorbing material or a phosphorescent material or a chemiluminescent material.