Arrangement for storing, purification and placement of thermal water

Representative No: U1700208
Type of IP: Utility Model
Industry: environmental industry

At present, the discharge and surface disposal of utilized thermal water is not carried out in a perfectly environmentally sound way. The developed solution is suitable for the storage and treatment (purification) of used terminal waters at the same time, ensuring that the used thermal water is free of pollutants and is environmentally feasible. The solution described in the utility model is based on the recognition that, while storing used thermal waters in a surface storage area, some of the pollutants hazardous to the environment are gradually degraded in a natural, biological manner and converted into nutrients useful for aquatic life.
The utility model describes a switching arrangement (10) for storing, purifying and disposing of used thermal water, which has pollutants and high salinity, which pollute the used thermal water environment, characterized in that the switching arrangement comprises: (a) at least one inlet thermal reservoir (20) having a spent thermal water supply line (50) and at least one intermediate thermal reservoir (20), wherein the at least one inlet thermal water reservoir (20) and the associated at least one intermediate thermal water reservoir (20) are connected in series by a connection (90), (b) at least one surface receiving space (30) connected by a thermal water supply line (40) to the last intervened thermal reservoir (20) in a given row of thermal reservoirs (20).