Blending device
A fully mechanical blender device for mixing gases or liquids in a specified ratio

Representative No: WO/2022/018469
Type of IP: Unpublished patent application
Industry: healthcare, medical and other equipments

An improved version of the gas-blending device solutions used in industry and healthcare, which is able to set and ensure the desired mixing ratio in a small volume easily and reliably with a correct reaction speed by turning a single knob. All of this is regardless of the different flow volumes and pressures connected to the inlets. The solution was originally developed to meet the needs of a respirator, but the principle of the solution can also be used to mix other gases and even liquids. The device is completely mechanical: it doesn’t have any electronic controls, so it can also be used in flammable and explosive environments and media. In the event of the cessation of one of the mixture components, the device continues to operate with the remaining component, thus it can be used in rinsing (flushing) mode as well.