Body jewel made by flexible cord

Representative No: WO/2018/134630
Type of IP: Utility model
Industry: Consumer goods industry

Body jewel made of flexible cord that comprises a double loop (10) made of two independent loops (1, 2) positioned beside each other and being interconnected by a link (3) in such a way that the link (3) comprises at least two support members (5, 6) through which the cord of one or the second or both loops (1, 2) are lead through, and the cords in a state when being thread through the support members (5, 6) can be moved with respect to the support members (5, 6), and the diameter or the width of the cross section of the cords that form the loops (1, 2) is between 3 and 9 mm, and the cords have an elasticity of at least 50% and in the loops (1, 2) the length of the cord is at least 100 cm.