Building Structure

Representative No: U1700217
Type of IP: Utility model
Industry: Construction and Heavy Industry

The invention relates to a building structure comprising a lowered underground (T) band base (1), a heat insulating element (4) on the outer surface of the band base (1) and a plinth (2) on the band base (1) on which a concrete base (3) is formed, a masonry (9) with a heat insulating element (10) above the concrete base (3), and a reinforced crown (12) is arranged on the masonry (9), a ground sill (11) of a roof structure (18) is arranged above the crown (12), and a closing slab is connected to the masonry (9) at most in the lower plane (121) of the crown (12), characterized in that a thermal bridge breaking element (6) is arranged in the area of the concrete base (3) above the plinth (2) having a a frame (62) at least partially delimiting its interior and a thermally insulating insert (61) is arranged in the interior and the vertical distance (t) between the ground sill (11) of the roof structure (18) and the the crown (12) is at least 5 cm, and the thermal insulation (13) arranged on the heat storage plate (15) laid on the closing slab is at least partially passed through between the crown (12) and the ground sill (11). The object of the invention is a building structure whose energy parameters do not or only slightly deviate from the values of a passive house, but the cost of its implementation is much more favourable.