Cable made of filaments, method and apparatus for producing such a cable and a concrete-composite structure containing the cable and said structure

Representative No: WO/2017/178850
Type of IP: Patent
Industry: Construction and Heavy Industry

The invention relates to an apparatus and method for producing a cable made of filaments embedded in a binding material (322) containing the steps of spreading the filaments of a strand (302) of filaments to obtain a band (310) of filaments, wetting the surfaces of the filaments in the band (310), coating the surfaces of the wetted filaments in the band (310), shaping continuously the cross section of the band (310) for creating a cable containing filaments embedded in a matrix of binding material (322). The invention also discloses a method to produce a concrete-composite structure made of reinforcement framework embedded in concrete, and the concrete-composite structure produced by that method. Thus, the object of the present invention is to provide the construction of supporting structures, which eliminate all the defects of the steel reinforced concrete, and are permanently capable of bearing the intended stresses, even with smaller structural cross-sectional sizes, having a better heat-resistance character, and practically unlimited lifetime, at the same time, which can be created more efficiently and cheaper as compared to the prior art solutions, which allow damaged reinforced concrete structures to be repaired and other concrete composite works such as sculptures to create. The recognition behind the invention is that the steel reinforced concrete structures, in which pressure is borne by the concrete and the pulling forces are borne by the reinforcing steel rebar, are to be replaced by composite materials, whose co-working capacity is based on a chemical bond, and therefore is permanently maintained under all circumstances.