Device for sterilization of air

Representative No: U2000124
Type of IP: Utility model
Industry: Healthcare, medical and other equipments, Building engineering, Consumer goods industry

The subject of the invention is an air sterilizer (10) comprising: a housing (12) having an air inlet (14) on the lower side and an air outlet (16) on the upper side, a lower air filter unit (20) in the lower part of the housing (12) ), a fan unit (30) above the lower air filter unit (20), an air sterilizer unit (40) above the fan unit (30) containing UV-C fluorescent lamps (42), and an air sterilizer unit (40), an upper air filter unit (50), wherein the lower air filter unit (20), the fan unit (30), the air sterilizer unit (40) and the upper air filter unit (50) are in common flow tract with each other, characterized in that the fan unit (30) comprises a fan with a horizontal axis, furthermore the side walls of the air sterilization unit (40) are formed by UV-C reflecting plates (44), furthermore the lower air filter unit (20) and the upper air filter unit (50) are light-tight structures.