Equipment for adjusting exact drilling depth of trepan drill

Representative No: U2000031
Type of IP: Utility model
Industry: healthcare, medical and other equipments

The trepan drill is used in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine and animal experiments to extract bone samples and make trepanation openings; or to remove damaged or non-integrated intraosseous implants. The invention relates to an external stepping abutment device which can be attached to medical trepan drills, making it possible to use trepan drills in situations where a high degree of accuracy is required to achieve the desired drilling depth. The structure comprises an outer and an inner unit, which are connected to each other by a threaded part on the outer and inner unit, characterized in that the outer unit (A) is a stainless metal cylinder comprising an inner threaded part (D), a conical bore (C), a conical collar (GK) where the outer unit (A) has a lower edge (P2) and the inner unit (B) is also a stainless steel cylinder comprising an outer threaded portion (F) with a conical collar (GB) is arranged and fitted with a unit made of lamellas (E), where there is a gap (H) between each of the lamellas (E), where the inner and outer units can be screwed together.