Exoskeleton for assisting surgical positioning, method for producing the exoskeleton

Representative No: WO/2020/095078
Type of IP: Patent
Industry: healthcare, medical and other equipments

The present invention relates to an exoskeleton for assisting surgical positioning, a method for producing the exoskeleton and a surgical method applying such an exoskeleton. In surgical procedures, perfect positioning of surgical tools and the implantable devices on the anatomical surface of the organs or in the organs is an important issue. In particular, the appropriate surgical positioning has great importance at cardiac operations where a ventricular assist device is implanted into the heart of the patient. The invention comprises the positioned implant-promoting shell (exoskeleton) (10); the method of making the exoskeleton (10); the method for the use of the exoskeleton (10) in surgical simulations; and a method of using the exoskeleton (10) for surgical operations, and the method comprising 3D imaging of the organ to be operated (17); wherein the exoskeleton is produced from biocompatible polymeric material by means of a mould, preferably through injection moulding or pressing (15) based on its virtual 3D model (24).