Foldable frame for containers and hinged member therefor

Representative No: WO/2019/064036
Type of IP: Patent
Industry: Logistics, Travel and Transportation

The present invention relates to a foldable frame (1) for containers having a polygonal base mount (2) made of studs (45, 56, 67, 74), and upper mount (3) parallel to the base mount (2) made of studs (4a5, 5a6, 6a7, 7a4 ) and said mounts (2, 3) are connected together by means of columns (A, B, C, D) of equal length, and the columns (A, B, C, D) are formed of at least two sections of the same length (S1, S2) and the adjacent sections (S1, S2) are joined together by a hinged member (20, 200), the hinged member (20, 200) contains a first bushing (23, 223) connected to a slider (22, 222) movably disposed in the cavity of the first section (S1), a second bushing (21, 221) having common axle (t) with the first bushing (23, 223) and secured to the locking member (25, 225) arranged in the inner cavity of the adjacent second section (S2), and a hinge pin (24, 224) provided in the bushings (21, 23, 221, 223). The advantage of the foldable container frame according to the present invention in relation to prior art solutions is that its fastening and hinging elements are unavailable to the user of the container frame once installed, which can be disengaged by means of mechanical force only. It can be optionally provided for different shipment purposes, for example with solid sidewalls and doors, windows and other walls, including but not limited to roofs and floor panels e.g. for transporting, storing, or the container frame can be used for applications with no coverings are partially or totally in demand, and either transporting, installing and locking, or disengaging its latches and folding the container frame is equally fast, easy, economical and safe as well.