Heat-storing apparatus with solid filling material

Representative No: WO/2018/215808
Type of IP: Patent
Industry: Energy, machinery, construction and heavy industry
Offered for licensing and/or sale: License

The present invention relates to a dry-fuel heat-storing apparatus for storing and economically using the thermal energy produced in a combustion apparatus or other heat sources, wherein the heat-storing apparatus is operable at high temperatures. The heat-storing apparatus is operable at high temperatures, said heat-storing apparatus comprising a heat-insulated housing (A), a particulate or granular solid heat storage medium (B) allowing a gaseous heat transfer medium, preferably air to flow therethrough, said heat storage medium being arranged in the heat-insulated housing (A). Said apparatus further comprising a heat input unit (C) connected to a heat source, and a heat removal unit (D) – optionally formed by a Stirling-motor – connected to a heat recovery system, wherein said heat input unit (C) and said heat removal unit (D) are at least in part located within the heat-insulated housing (A). The invention can be advantageously used for dissipating thermal energy produced in combustion devices and other heat sources, storing it at a high energy density till later use.