Kinematic information carrier device

Representative No: EP2991062
Type of IP: Utility model
Industry: Consumer goods industry, Machinery

It is primarily a The present invention relates to a kinematic information carrier device that can be used in the field of marketing promotion applications – also known as mobile – which placed preferably in the interior of sales outlets, shopping malls and exhibitions is suitable for moving printed content materials and models. A kinematic information carrier device, comprising a support structure designed as a central supporting rod (7), a driving unit (11) connected to the support structure, at least one information carrier surface (1) fastened to a support frame rotatably mounted on the supporting rod (7) and moveably linked to the support structure and being in connection with said driving unit (11) that is designed as rotating structure fastened on the supporting rod (7) and being in friction contact with the information carrier surface (1). The invented device is small, with a possibility to make it even any size, has a simple structure, safe, can be used at any location without special installation needs, may even be portable, can be installed substantially without limits, and is versatile in its appearance.