Medullary cavity nails for nailing hollow bones

Representative No: P1500278
Type of IP: Patent
Industry: healthcare, medical and other equipments

The medullary nail according to the invention comprises locking holes for receiving locking screws, wherein at least one of the locking holes is an oblique bore at an acute angle to the axis of the medullary nail, and the medullary nail has a hollow shank provided with a baffle. (2) a coaxial baffle (3) with a guide surface (4) and / or a guide hole (7, 8) extending above the lower level of its outlet opening. The targeting device (11) for the medullary nail comprises a connecting element carrying a targeting frame with targeting holes, the connecting element (12) being a sleeve (2) which can be fitted and / or fixed to an inclined hole (2) at an acute angle to the axis of the medullary nail (1). 15), and the aiming frame (14) is an arcuate arm (16) with aiming holes (13) corresponding to the position of the other holes in the medullary nail (1). Approx. 50-60% of the duration of the surgery in case of non-drilled locked medullary nailing is devoted to the locking, furthermore the operation requires the presence of an X-ray apparatus. The aim of the present invention is to solve this problem by developing a medullary nail which can be inserted into the tubular bone without drilling, and whose locking screws can also be inserted precisely and safely without an X-ray apparatus. Another object of the invention is to provide a targeting device that can be connected to the medullary nail to assist in the insertion of remote locking screws.