Method and apparatus for processing biomass

Representative No: WO/2019/186216
Type of IP: Patent
Industry: Biotechnology, Energy industry

The invention relates to a process and an apparatus for treating biomass which, by efficiently processing the biomass, achieves an efficiency increase of 15-20% compared to existing solutions in terms of energy requirements of the process making it self-sustaining by omitting traditional energy-intensive technologies used for roasting biomass, such as vacuum and inert gases, in a way that the biomass fed to the kiln is heat-treated in an oxygen-free environment created by its own biogas. The invention makes it possible to convert low-energy-density biomass (e.g. woody/herbaceous plants/crops) into a high-calorific, high-density, carbonated, dry and solid heating material meanwhile recovering the energy of the resulting pyrogases putting one single device into the process achieving reduced energy requirements for overall production. The invented device consists of a chipping unit (1), charge device and feeders (2, 4, 7a, 8a), intermediate and end.product stores (5, 11), drying apparatus (3), vacuum-batching and charging units (6, 9), roasting furnance (7), cooler (8), heating apparatus (13), heat exchangers (14, 18) and cooling pump (25).