Method and connecting system for interconnecting preferably modular building components of lightweight construction

Representative No: WO/2020/099898
Type of IP: Patent
Industry: construction and heavy industry

According to the method for interconnecting preferably modular building components of lightweight construction, shaped through openings (3) receiving connecting means (2) are formed in building components (1) in the connecting system performing the method, so that in building components (1) fitted in their fixing position, through openings (3) coincide; connecting means (2) of complementary outline and with a freely moving central part (7) are inserted into the shaped through openings (3) so that two opposite external sections (4) of the connecting means (2) extend beyond the external boundary surfaces (12) of the fitted building components (1) to be fixed. The invention can ensure that the individual prefabricated building elements are fastened together on site by only one or two people in a ground-floor or multi-storey arrangement without any relevant expertise. By using a coupling technique that performs a similar task to fasteners, problems arising from a lack of expertise can be eliminated, and the need for reliable, fast, accurate fastening can be met while maintaining the variability of each element.