Method for counting traffic of bicycle track and apparatus therefore

Representative No: P1800011
Type of IP: Patent
Industry: Measurement and control technology, Travel and transportation

A method for counting bicycle path traffic by emitting ultrasonic pulses or series of pulses crossing the path with two ultrasonic transceivers, spaced with a distance from one another being larger than the length of the vehicles to be counted, on one side of the path, followed by a specified number of counted repetitive clock cycles whether the signal is reflected and, if so, it is registered in which cycle and when it occurred, and at the end of the second specified period of time (T2) following the pulse output, the pulse or pulse train output and the subsequent cycle counting and monitoring are repeated, and the passing by of a vehicle or person is detected based on the phenomenon that the clock cycles counted until the reflection is detected should be proximately constant, and the direction of movement is detected based on whether the first signal reflection is detected by the first or the second transceiver unit (20, 30).