Method for DNA cloning without using in vitro enzymatic reaction, and the sequences of related DNA vectors

Representative No: WO/2019/229485
Type of IP: Patent
Industry: Pharmaceutical industry, Biotechnology

The current novel molecular DNA cloning procedure – during which a given DNA fragment (DNA stretch subjected to cloning, also called “insert”) aimed to be multiplied is introduced into a vector DNA (“vehicle”) without using in vitro added enzymes such as restriction endonucleases, ligases, DNA polymerases and 5′ exonucleases – is particularly suitable for generating novel DNA constructs in a relatively fast and cost-effective way, as it performs DNA cloning without using in vitro added enzymes. Hence, the solution is especially suitable for laboratories with limited resources. Another advantage of the solution is that it requires no specific recognition sites for restriction enzymes on the insert and vector DNA sequences, which is particularly problematic in case of cloning long DNA fragments.