Method for the disinfection and the quality control of the disinfection of the hands of a user and apparatus for carrying out the method

Representative No: WO/2018/109507
Type of IP: Patent
Industry: Healthcare, medical and other equipments, ICT, Consumer goods industry

Method apparatus and computer program for the disinfection and the quality control of the disinfection of the hands of a user, wherein the method comprises the following steps: dispensing a predetermined amount of the mixture of a disinfectant substance and a light reflection modifying substance on the hands to be disinfected; allowing the user to smear and rub the mixture on his/her hands; inserting the hands one after the other into an imaging compartment (11) of an apparatus (10) for disinfection quality control; illuminating the inserted hand with light sources (14) emitting light having a predetermined spectral distribution and intensity; recording the image of the hand (9) from both sides by cameras (16); processing the recorded image to provide distinction between areas of the hand contacted and non-contacted by the mixture, wherein the light reflection modifying substance is a substance that absorbs light in at least a predetermined wavelength range which is added to the disinfectant substance in an amount that decreases light absorption of areas treated by the mixture and retains at the same time disinfectant properties; the light source emits light to cover the predetermined range and the cameras have sensitivity in that range; furthermore, in the processing step areas of the hand (9) are made brighter which were not contacted previously by the mixture.