Mould cooling insert

Representative No: U1900023
Type of IP: Utility model
Industry: Construction and Heavy Industry

The invention relates to a cooling insert (1) for a pressure mold having a body (2) and an effective surface (F) of the body (2) on which a refrigerant channel (4) is arranged, characterized in that the refrigerant channel (4) is machined into the effective surface (F) of the body (2), and the open channel (4) and the body (2) extending between at least two connection points (K1, K2) formed on the effective surface (F) are provided with a fastening element. The invention enables even cooling of the mantle surface much simpler and with lower manufacturing costs than the prior art solutions, and some of its elements can be reused, and by changing the geometry of the coolant channel the cooling effect can be easily modified and easily adapted even to the existing coolant channels in the tool.