Nanoiron suspension, process for the preparation thereof its use and device for the preparation of nanoiron suspension

Representative No: WO/2014/174328
Type of IP: Patent
Industry: Chemical industry, environmental sector

The elemental iron nanoparticles (nZVI) efficiently decontaminate the different chlorinated organic compounds, absorb the heavy metals found in the underground water. A practical problem in connection with the nanoparticles is their tendency to aggregate, and -accordingly – difficulties in achieving their stability. An object of the invention is the production of a device for the preparation of nano iron, which is optionally mobile and which can produce the material desired for the environmental decontamination at the location of the contamination. As the nanoparticles easily react with the surrounding materials that tend to be reduced, if prolonged period of time has passed between the preparation and usage, the activity of the suspension continuously decreases. The invention relates to an iron suspension comprising solid iron particles in the nanometer size range that is prepared from ferrous-sulphate (FeSO4); copper-sulphate (CuSO4), a reducing agent, preferably sodium-ditionite (Na2S2O4), and/or sodium-borohydride (NaBH4); sodium-hydroxide (NaOH); and optionally one or more additive(s) selected from the group consisting of polyvnyl-pirrolidone, preferably PVP-K30 or PVP-K90, and as co-metal PdCl2×2H2O.