New ppv1 strain and uses thereof

Representative No: P1500514
Type of IP: Patent
Industry: pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, biotechnology

The present invention relates to a newly isolated strain of PPV1. The invention further relates to the use of the novel strain PPV1 for eliciting an immune response. The invention further relates to the use of the new strain PPV1 for the preparation of vaccine compositions.

Members of the parvavirus family are small (18–26 nm in diameter), enveloped viruses with a linear single-stranded DNA genome composed of approximately 4–6 kilobases (kb.) in their capsid with icosahedral symmetry. PPV1, which can infect and cause disease in pigs, has long been known and occurs worldwide. Due to extensive and effective vaccinations, the pathogen has been reduced, but in recent years a variant of the virus, PPVla, has emerged which, due to a change in the amino acid sequence of the capsid protein, can cause reproductive defects through breakthrough vaccine protection. Due to unexpected detection, a new strain of the virus appeared in a Hungarian pig herd, which caused a significant health problem in the herd, mainly related to the vitality of the newborn piglets, and the known vaccines were not effective enough against it.