Petrol-biochemical process for treating water/mineral oil and/or mineral oil/water emulsions formed in oil wells and on-surface production equipment

Representative No: P0303067
Type of IP: Patent
Industry: chemical industry, oil industry

The invention relates to a process for preventing the formation of water/crude oil and/or crude oil/water emulsions or for de-emulsifying existing emulsions, in which a tenside, a viscosity increasing material, an industrial surfactant and a micro organisms producing at least one kind of tenside suitable for decomposing crude oil components or derivatives, and optionally additives necessary for the propagation of micro organisms are added to the existing crude oil/water emulsion or into the tool being in contact with the crude oil, in which the formation of the emulsion is to be prevented; the mixture with the micro organisms is kept at a temperature suitable for their life activities ; the micro organisms are let propagate for a certain time; the result of the treatment is checked, then, optionally, the steps above are repeated in this order at least once, preferably three times.