Polyfunctional compatibilizing additive package of plastic and rubber composites and method of making the same

Representative No: WO/2009/050526
Type of IP: Patent
Industry: Construction and Heavy Industry, Chemical industry
Offered for licensing and/or sale: License

The invention relates to the low molecular weight compatibilizing additive package having many advantageous effects, which improves the compatibility of different thermoplastic and/or thermosetting polymers and/or fillings, functional additives just as composites containing natural and/or artificial strengthening fibres, and relates to its preparation and application processes. The invention also makes it possible to produce plastic and / or rubber composites which have hitherto not been possible to be produced by conventional additives and processing methods. Besides, the compatibilizing package by the present invention surprisingly facilitates the dispersion in polymers or keeping in dispersed condition the additional, hard to cover filling or strengthening materials, like carbon fibre, carbon nanotubes, glass fibre, basalt wool, as well as natural fibres as cellulose, wood chips, etc. Furthermore it improves mechanical and other application properties of the prepared end- products.