Prefabricated stackable housing element module system

Representative No:  U2300045
Type of IP: Utility model
Industry: Construction and Heavy Industry
Offered for licensing and/or sale: License
Registration number of granted Hungarian Utility model protection: 5650

The invention relates to a prefabricated modular house element module, which is comprised of interconnected wall elements (1), (2) and roof elements (3), (4) with an internal frame and external cover plates attached to it. A set of connecting elements are mounted to the wall elements and roof elements, where a mechanical connection ensures the relative position of a wall element and a roof element, as well as of two roof elements, where the wall elements are connected to the roof elements by a cover that provides protection against precipitation. The invention makes it possible for the prefabricated wall and roof element modules produced with the usual technology to be made suitable with a few auxiliary elements to be partially folded and transported to the place of assembly in a known and usual way, and there they can also be unfolded and positioned in a few movements, as a result of which larger structures can also be built, which structure only needs to be closed at two ends with a separate wall element.