Prevention system against motorcar-theft

Representative No: WO/2016/016673
Type of IP: Patent
Industry: Travel and transportation industry

The present invention relates to a prevention system against motorcar-theft, which system is adapted to adjust to the operation of the engine of the motorcar. The drive unit (70), which is automatically switched on when the engine (120) of the motorcar is stopped, maintains an interlocked protective state even when the battery (5) is completely depleted, said drive unit is associated with a control unit (601) for controlling the switch-on conditions of the protection, said switch-on conditions including the switched-off state of the ignition switch (3), a signal of a charge sensor on a charge-free state of the battery (5), and a signal of a vibration sensor on a vibration-free state of the motorcar, wherein the interlocking unit (78) of the gear-box is arranged near the linkage (132) of the gear-box, and the pressure-reducing unit (90) is provided with a means for limiting the pressure generated behind the piston (103) of the clutch cylinder.