Probe arrangement for detecting corrosion effect in laboratory-scale tubular reactor

Representative No: U1800098
Type of IP: Utility model
Industry: chemical industry, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry

Probe arrangement for detecting a corrosion effect in a laboratory-scale tubular reactor comprising an orientation element fixedly arranged in the tubular reactor and at least one support element connecting the orientation element, arranged in the tubular reactor so, that at least one supporting element is attached in a releasable contact with at least one plate, characterized in that the orientation element (2) is arranged in the longitudinal axis of the tubular reactor (1), the support element (3) is formed as a cylindrical or prismatic ring surrounding the orienting element (2), and at least one plate (4) is mounted on the support element (3) in a way that it is distanced from the wall of the tubular reactor (1).