Process for preventing asphaltene -resin -paraffin separation and deposition, its reduction and removal in oil wells, in their flow out conduit and in oil transporting conduit by using bio-colloidal suspension

Representative No: P0301225
Type of IP: Patent
Industry: chemical industry, oil industry

The invention relates to a process for preventing, reducing and/or removing precipitation and sedimentation of asphaltene, resin and paraffin wax on surfaces contacting with crude oil in the oil production tubing from the well bottom to the well mouth as well as in the outlet pipes and transporting pipelines, using a bio-colloid (suspension). More particularly, a suspension containing microorganism(s) reacting with, decomposing and dissolving or resisting to the components of crude oil, as well as organic or inorganic additives or a mixture of said materials are filled into the tubing and the pipes and let the formed suspension containing microorganisms to work for the required time. The suspension is applicable to decompose, wash off or remove solid hydrocarbons or higher hydrocarbon mixtures, as well as to prevent their formation.