Production of biogas from protein-rich resources

Representative No: WO/2013/038216
Type of IP: Patent
Industry: Environmental sector, energy

The present invention relates to the field of waste processing and biogas production. In the present invention a new method was developed, which is suitable for creating a microbiological community capable of adapting to protein-rich substrates and producing a stable and good biogas production in the long run. The microbe community (microorganism consortium) of the invention adapted to a special basic material is capable of producing by 30-50% more biogas from a given amount of protein- rich basic materials than non-adapted systems do. The consortium created by the method can be applied in both batch and continuous biogas producing systems, accordingly it also can be utilized in already operating systems, and there is no need for building special new or auxiliary reactors; the method can be utilized in biogas producing equipment already in operation.