Spatial puzzle game

Representative No: WO/2020/065358
Type of IP: Patent
Industry: toy manufacturing

The present invention relates to a three-dimensional or spatial puzzle game (1) having an outer spherical shell (2) made of light-transmitting material and at least one annular space divider (4, 5, 6) arranged in the inner space of the outer spherical shell, and independently movable spherical toy elements (J) having the same size are arranged in the inner space of the outer spherical shell. The advantage of the puzzle game according to the invention compared to the prior art is that the objective of the game can be varied according to many variations; all goals of the game improve logical skills and dexterity; its structure is simple, it does not contain movable parts except the movable spherical toy elements (J) to be producible easily and by low expenses; and the risk of failure is very low. Primary user group of the present invention are people from the age of 6 without upper age limit. Application of the invention may enhance fine mechanical coordination ability, eye-hand coordination, and spatial vision.