Sports facility for kindergartners

Representative No: WO/2018/150209
Type of IP: Patent
Industry: Sport, Toy manufacturing

The invention relates to a sports facility for kindergartners, mainly for playing ball games, where the facility contains a rectangular playground (P), main pillars (2, 3) along the longer side of the playground (P), side wall panels (11) and connection bars (9) between main pillars (2, 3); end wall panels (12) and goal gate elements (1a, 1b) along the shorter side of the playground (P); and further provided with a covering net (14) and a door (6), and side wall panels (11) and end wall panels (12) in the corners of the playground (P) are joined by corner members (S); and upper ends (21) of main pillars (2, 3) arranged along the longer side of the playground (P) are connected to an end (5a) of a main haunch (5), and another end (5aa) of the haunch (5) is connected to another end (5aa) of a further haunch (5); at least a section of main pillars (2, 3) are cambered into arch (D), wherein main pillars (2, 3), goal gate elements (1a, 1b) and corner members (S) are secured to a ground retainer screw (17). Therefore, the object is to provide a sports facility for kindergartners for playing and exercising different ball games, which can be firmly attached to the ground, but can be dismantled and conveyed away, if necessary, as well as the speed of a sporting good such as a ball falling down from the walls of the facility to the playground can be greatly reduced.