Surgical circular trepan

Representative No: U2000071
Type of IP: Utility model
Industry: healthcare, medical and other equipments

The present utility model relates to a surgical device, namely to a surgical circular trepan, especially for the surgical use of navigated endodontics. The advantage of the subject surgical circular trepan is that its design allows precise adjustment of the maximum drilling depth for navigated surgical procedures. The subject surgical circular trepan (20) has a cylindrical hollow body (22) of predetermined length (L) and outer diameter (D), with an end portion (24) having a drill profile at one end and a stem (26) is connected to the other end, wherein at the free end of the stem (26) there is a clamping connector (28) that can be stably fitted to a clamping tool, characterized in that at the junction of the body (22) and the stem (26) is provided with a shoulder (25) parameterized with diameter (D ‘) larger than of the outer diameter of the stem (D).