Tampon kit for prevention, treatment and/or after-treatment of infection

Representative No: HU5431
Type of IP: Utility model
Industry: Healthcare, Medical and Other Equipments, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Industry
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The present invention relates to an absorbent intimate sanitary or hygiene product that is provided with a metal-based fiber (50) having antimicrobial activity. The antimicrobial fiber (e.g. silver fiber) protects against infections like antibacterial infections. The product may be a tampon kit, which comprises a tampon body (20), a withdrawal fiber (30) and a top sheet (70), covering at least a part of the outer surface of the tampon body (20), which is permeable to the metal particles. Preferably, a top sheet (70a) comprises or is made of antimicrobial metal-based fiber or a top sheet 70b has a probiotic effect. The thin fiber is typically arranged near to the intimate body surface-contacting surface, in parallel therewith, to provide a strong antibacterial effect when impregnated with a body fluid.