Translucent building block and a method for manufacturing the same

Representative No: WO/2009/007765
Type of IP: Patent
Industry: construction and heavy industry

The invention relates to a translucent building block (1) having at least two, a first and a second bounding surfaces (2, 3), between which there is at least a part of a translucent member (4) and cast material surrounding said member (4) connected to an retainer structure (5), whereas the latter is arranged between said surfaces (2, 3). The invention also relates to a an insert (8) for producing a translucent building block (1) having an retainer structure (5) and at least one translucent member (4) arranged on said auxiliary retainer (5), and the translucent member (4) has at least one section (9, 10) projecting from said retainer structure (5), and said insert is provided with an opening formed on said retainer structure (5) and/or with a fixing member (19, 20, 21). The invention also discloses a method for producing a translucent building block (1).