Wall coating (plaster) composition and process for the preparation thereof

Representative No: P1800407
Type of IP: Patent
Industry: construction and heavy industry

Coating (plaster) composition comprising a) a double or triple polymer system as carrier, b) a filler and c) an additive. The filler comprises, inter alia: one or more cellulose-based thickeners; hollow mineral-based beads; granular rubber waste, etc. The additive contains one or more substances selected from; one or more antifoams, one or more dispersants, one or more biocides, one or more pigments, one or more hydrophobicity additives. The other additive optionally further comprises one or more components selected from the group consisting of one or more other non-cellulosic thickeners, one or more UV protection compounds, one or more additives influencing drying, one or more surface properties influencing material, one or more anti-corrosion additives and one or more catalysts. The invention further relates to a process for the preparation of a plaster composition.