Waste sorting equipment

Representative No: U1600031
Type of IP: Utility model
Industry: Environmental industry

The aim of the present invention is to provide a more cost-effective and space-saving alternative for sorting mixed inorganic waste from household collection into several fractions with less need for high-value industrial equipment than usual. The invention comprises an apparatus (100) for mechanically preselecting separately collected or presorted communal waste, the apparatus comprising: a ballistic separator (110) separating the feed waste into a 2D fraction, a 3D fraction and a fine particulate fraction and producing them as an output stream, and a ballistic separator (110) an optical sorter (120) connected to the output of the ballast separating the incoming 2D fraction into a positive 2D fraction and a 2D residual fraction and producing them as an output stream, wherein the 3D fraction serving output of the ballistic separator (110) and the positive 2D fraction output of the 2D optical sorter at least one of which is connected to a manual sorting unit.