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András Haszonits MSc.

Intellectual Property Management Consultant
Architectural Engineer, Engineering Teacher and Sustainability Engineer

András Haszonits principally advises clients of the Danubia group on business processes relating to innovation and intellectual property, bringing his extensive experience to bear in designing and developing intellectual property management processes and performing specialist tasks within the scope of the commercial exploitation of intellectual property. He has conducted numerous technology- and intellectual property valuation projects, both internationally and domestically, across a broad range of industries. He has also obtained considerable experience in writing and managing tenders, establishing consortia, and technical and financial statements of account in the context of international innovation projects.

András started his career in 1997 at Graphisoft, a third-party start-up software development company, before joining Dynasoft, at the time the largest Hungarian-owned business process re-engineering and management system implementation provider, as a management consultant. He subsequently worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers, initially as a management consultant and later as a manager.

In 2003 he joined the then Hungarian Patent Office, where he was responsible for innovation support and education in the area of intellectual property rights protection at the Industrial Property Rights Information and Education Centre, going on to be involved in many of the Office’s major collaboration projects at both domestic and European levels. He has been involved in numerous methodological developments, and has received a number of Hungarian and international accolades for the programmes under his supervision. Since 2010 he has played a key role in the realisation of many European projects with his attention turning to encouraging creativity as a source of innovation; he has also worked in R&D certification, and technology- and intellectual property valuation, as well as in implementing programmes aimed at promoting creativity, and in innovation mentoring and coaching roles.
András joined Danubia IP Ltd. in May 2019.

He has obtained intermediate- and advanced qualifications in industrial property rights protection through training programmes organised by the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office, and has attended a number of other international training programmes, including the EPO’s Innovation Support programme, international intellectual property audit courses, and technology- and patent valuation training programmes.

András graduated as an architectural engineer and engineering teacher from what was then Pollack Mihály Technical College in 1996, before going on to attend the KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan) in Stockholm between 1996-1997, from where he graduated with an MSc. in Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure.

His professional achievements include:
» the Action Plan promoting Industrial Property Competitiveness of Entrepreneurs (VIVACE) as part of the PRO INNO Europe INNO Appraisal sub-programme, implemented within the framework of the Hungarian Patent Office and under his professional supervision as programme developer, was selected as one of the 15 European best practices following examination by peer experts carried out by KMU Forschung
» within the scope of the Hungarian Patent Office’s programme aimed at raising awareness among young people of industrial rights protection and involving the collaboration of leaders, content developers and scriptwriters within the profession, he developed an interactive ‘edutainment’ application in co-operation with Eduweb Multimédia, which was acknowledged with a special innovation award at the Hungarian Association of Content Industry’s 2007 ‘e-Festival’
» the Finnish state has applied for the right to use the intellectual property rights protection e-learning package created and developed under his methodological supervision, which proudly enjoys world-leading status in terms of both education and innovation support.

Language Skills:
English and German

Principal Areas of Expertise

» Innovation management, innovation support, intellectual property audit and valuation, industrial property strategy development and R&D certification